The International Polar bear day 27th February

To celebrate the international polar bear day we have made a list with fun facts that we collected over at our friends the Polar Bears International.

Check them out and make sure to do one small thing for the bears every day, whether it be taking a walk instead of using the car. Or if you want to push it even further you can go ahead and jump ship on fossil fuel altogether and get yourself an electric vehicle instead. Use the bus or just skip running to the store for that bag of chips that you know isn’t good for you either way. Small things matter when done by many!

When is the International Polar Bears Day

The internation polar bears day is at the 27th of February. #NationalPolarBearDay

Fun facts to celebrate the polar bears day

  • Polar bears are considered marine mammals just like whales, dolphins and seals. The fact is actually hidden in the bear’s Latin name, Ursus Maritimus, which means sea bear.
  • They are not really white. Their hair is pigment-free and transparent. It is also hollow which makes bright light and the snow around them reflect in their fur making it look white. If you see a polar bear straight after the molting period around spring/early summer they will look the whitest. Before the molting period begins they might look very yellow due to the oil that builds up in the fur due to their favorite snack, seals.
  • Polar bears hate getting dirty. In fact, they take snow-baths to get clean, which means they roll around in the snow after having a snack or getting dirty for any other reason. Dirty fur is a poor insulator and having proper insulation is important when you live in extreme colds.
  • Polar bears kiss to ask if the other might want to share a snack. Or they at least touch noses. The guesting bear will first walk around the bear until they feel comfortable enough to go ahead and ask for a share.
  • Polar bears don’t have territories, they have home ranges. This is due to the fact that their home area may change at any time due to the ice freezing up or melting. Some polar bears have been reported to wander places the size of Texas.

Before you go make sure to read up on a few fun polar bear cub facts.

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