URSA Systems shocking truth: we are killing polar bears and our own planet!

You made it all the way here to see me it must mean I managed to upset you! Did it need a fake to make you think about the problem? The extent at which the ice-caps are melting is unprecedented in the last 30 years.

And climate change could bring entire national economies to their knees, along with our daily lives! Even if we’re not skinning polar bears, we are already sacrificing their existence and our future! That is why it’s so important for all of us to act right now.

URSA is a leading manufacturer of thermal insulation materials that contribute to energy efficiency in buildings and by doing so reduce not only consumers’ energy bills but also CO2 emissions.

But there’s more.

To celebrate the re-opening of our Italian facilities, which were destroyed in 2012 during the earthquake we have launched the URSA Award dedicated to the best architectural projects offering maximum energy efficiency and lowest environmental impact regarding CO2 emissions, both essential features to deliver a sustainable building.

The URSA Award is our way of showing that using sustainable construction methods is the only way to reduce global warming.

But, there’s even more.

Of course.

URSA is doing its part, let’s all do our bit make a donation now to our partner the Italian Climate Network, a non-profit association that works every day to combat global warming.

Your donation will be used to protect the environment and the future of our children!.

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